Xshowgirl is here to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Having launched in November 2012, we are the US and Europe’s favourite online destination for luxe, unique activewear combined with a digital wellbeing magazine. We promise to bring you the latest and greatest from the worlds of health, fitness, beauty, style and travel (all with a healthy twist, of course!).

We know what it means to feel your very best so we strive to be a source of motivation and inspire you to feel amazing both in your sweat life and into your everyday life by providing workout wear you can feel confident in and offer advice and information that will get you well on your way to being your best you.

The H&H team hand picks each and every item of activewear stocked in our online store to ensure you have access to the very best and most exclusive brands and designs. We offer an exclusive online shopping experience, activewear which is personally packaged by us and delivered speedily to your door. Your time is valuable, so we dedicate ourselves to delivering a sleek and simple shopping experience that you’ll enjoy.

We believe that it is not just about looking fantastic – but about feeling fantastic too – from the inside out. Which is why our hub of wellness content is exclusively written for you by a pool of super trendy health and fitness experts, and aims to arm you with the tools you need to transform yourself into your fittest, healthiest and happiest you.

The future – living by our own motto, we are always growing and creating. We have some super exciting visions to fulfil and goals to accomplish when it comes to the future of Xshowgirl. With an abundance of new events, brands, competitions and collaborations in the works we are continually inspired by the energy and possibility that exists in the health and fitness world. It’s a very exciting time to be Xshowgirl! And if you have any bright ideas you’d like to share with us – we are totes up for hearing them: just email info@xshowgirl.com.

Most of all we are inspired and driven by you, we love to talk, see and meet our customers. We love feedback – it helps us to be better for you. We are creating new ways to complement our online presence and keep ahead in this dynamic industry by getting out and meeting you all via fun and educational events where we can unite in like-minded healthiness! Connect with us via our social networks and share the love.

What it means to be Xshowgirl – we are ambassadors for the current revolution in health and fitness. Looking after yourself has always been the coolest thing you can do for yourself and the people who love you – and we wish to champion this exciting new industry here in the US. This is why we will always stand proud with our green juices, defend our quinoa and represent in our loud leggings!

Hip and Healthies are masters of balance – between being fit and fashionable, busy and in a state of savasannah, discipline and self-love, and always on a mission to being the best versions of themselves!